Customer Comments

Customer Comments

 Here are some of the messages we have received from customers who have attended our courses.

Thanks very much for yesterday, we really enjoyed it all and learnt a lot. We look forward to another session.

I very much enjoyed the experience on Saturday thanks. Looking forward to trying more!

It went down very well, and the quantities were spot on. Very positive feedback from everyone.

And this from a participant on our March 1st course...

Been meaning to email for some time, but pretty useless with my time management to be honest.....
Really enjoyed the lesson on 1st March - it was a good crowd and your presentation / knowledge was very good (apart from the Gorilla / Sugar Cane bit). Mrs Fred was right - you need to get into teaching. Sorry if I was a bit of a handful - bit lippy i'm afraid and too old to change....................
Have cooked two curries with some of the trimmings for the family so far and the reviews have been good - although I did get 1 out of 10 for my Taka Dahl from my 11 year old - she really doesn't like lentils. My chicken curry at the same meal got 9 out of 10, so I probably averaged about 5. Not bad. Will try more recipes as time goes on and maybe open up Mangohub2 to keep you on your toes................still keen to get my girls over, but may need to wait a bit. Think I need to give my 7 year old a bit of time to learn to be a bit more adventurous.


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